Embroidery Drawer with Frame

Please check the possibility of sending to your country before placing your order! You can write us an email or choose other means of communication from the "Contacts" section. We respond quickly!

The frame size is selected when placing an order, two options are possible 45 or 60 cm. The frame has a quick fixing of the canvas.

The Drawer has two drawers for storing everything you need, as well as a convenient top shelf. The size of the boxes is 38x28x6 cm or 53x28x6 cm (depends on the size of the stand). The size of the top shelf is 43x36 cm or 58x36 cm.

Four metal mechanisms are used to adjust the height and tilt of the frame. Two are responsible for the height, two for the angle of the frame. The frame rotates 360 degrees.

The Drawers are painted in one of five colors to choose from.

The assembly does not take much time, instructions are attached.
On the sides at the base there are convenient recesses for carrying.

To use replaceable frames or larger frames, additional arms can be installed (not included as standard, ordered additionally).
The minimum frame size with additional arms is 50 or 65 cm (depends on the selected size of the Drawer).

The wood is impregnated with Italian stain and covered with paint which gives it a nice shade and shine.

The stand is produced after the order is placed with full pre-payment.
Production time – 6-8 weeks*.
*Depends on the production load. Additional time is also required for packaging and shipping.
Payment with Paypal.
Free international shipping.
Available in 5 colors.

Frame size of the stand - 45x30(15) cm or 60x30(15) cm.
Fixation by own design with the help of inner planks.
Weight ~ 15-18 kg.
Made in Russia.

Product number: KS045-teak
Availability: Available
$ 773 
Product details
Height adjustment: Yes
Metal knots: Yes
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