Everything started with one simple idea!

All over the world there are a lot of embroidery stands and hoops holders producers. Some are worse, some are better, but in general all of them are the same.

Our production is located in Russia where nights are long and winters are cold. For ages people were trying to find hobbies to enjoy during that time. This is why embroidery is very popular in our country.

In Russia we are one of the largest embroidery accessories producers. Our products are available at many large handcrafts stores chains. In total we produce more than 80 000 stands a year. But mainly they do not differ significantly from others.

One day we decided to create something special and unique.
Everything started with one simple idea: to produce high quality embroidery accessories which had gorgeous design and were easy to use. We found the designers who helped us to create simple but secure metal mechanisms as well as exquisite stands designs. Combining both elegance and functionality we created our new line which does not have any equivalent in the world.

Our new line combines simplicity, security and beautiful design. All stands are handmade and are made of natural wood. Our new line is already loved by needlewomen all over Russia. This is why we decided to expand abroad so that everyone could have a change to try our stands. Moreover, we offer free international shipping to any country in the world so that every customer could have our products at the same price.

We guarantee perfect functioning of our stands for a year. However, our customers claim that the stands serve more time. If something goes wrong after the first year of use, we still will be eager to help and search for solution to fix everything.

Sincerely yours,
DUBKO team